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Overseas Direct Certification

created based on stability. BLOCK CHAIN

ODC(Overseas Direct Certification) is created based on stability and stability. In the world-wide, borderless distribution market, overseas purchases, not purchases from the country con cerned, should be a stable process. The warranty will be given by ODC and ODC will firstly give benefit to buyers through its own platform. Through MOU with domestic overseas purchasing agencies, ODC will provi de stability to buyers and plans are also scheduled to make MOU with various agencies a broad. Certification will be conducted at a minimum fee and fees will be provided to the buyer through compensation as coin. The true meaning of virtual money mining is to giv e benefit to buyers, so ODC compensates COIN with certification. Combining the advanta ges of direct overseas purchases and the axdvantages of ODC blockchain, buyers will be able to feel secure with smart consumption. When artists conduct performances and ma rketing outside the country, ODC will proceed through thorough verification. In this regar d, ODC will shorten the verification and base time of the artists in the country. So that th ey can proceed with guarantees of the best conditions for each other and issues in progr ess. The value of ODC will once again be assessed through collaboration with artists see king to advance into Asia, Europe and the Americas, riding the wind of the Korean wave.