Major service


World Certification

  • SERVICE 01.

    Providing certification service through business tie-ups with domestic overseas purchasing agencies and various overseas purchasing agencies in other countries. Starting with services for domestic buyers, the company will expand its business into overseas exports in the future, and the certification services provided by ODC have certificates that certify products and certificates that guarantee the amount due to imports. The ideal identity of ODC's certification services is the establishment of a distribution market for stable business.

  • SERVICE 02.

    the supply of various products through its own platform and the accompanying certification and compensation system ODC are currently in the process of business partnership agreements with various purchasing agencies and will carry out business agreements with the most reliable companies in each country. With market assessment, we will first guarantee a highly sustainable business. This can be confirmed by the buyer's assessment. Its own platform will firstly proceed German products and fully meet the product's capabilities and the needs of buyers.

  • SERVICE 03.

    You will be able to experience certification through collaboration with artists and entertainment companies, and the subsequent increase in the value of ODC. The ODC will be able to win-win with artists by providing opportunities for investment and performance to artists who have passed the self-evaluation system.